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The most recent government reaction that impacted the cryptocurrency market occurred in China when regulators imposed new regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges that resulted in Bitcoin accounts being frozen.

The Bitcoin “Crisis” Explained and 5 Reasons it Can’t be

Precious metals and cryptocurrency will likely benefit from the inherent flaws in our.

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Bitcoins — the stateless currency maintained by a network of math-problem-solving PCs — has spiked in value since financial crisis struck Cyprus.Since cryptocurrencies have been much more mainstream and are accepted worldwide, it is a good idea to explore the possibilities.

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency which was supposed to disrupt the banking system, is facing an existential crisis.Proponents hope cryptocurrency could soar in value as Greeks try to find ways to keep their money safe and avoid currency controls.In the summer of 2016, Bitcoin had a similar reaction to Brexit and had an even more pronounced reaction to the Indian bank note demonetization and its resulting chaos.It took three years and the emergence of serious (and perhaps permanent) crypto rivals, but there finally.

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This week, the 3rd Kenyan bank in 8 months was placed under receivership for 12 months by the Central Bank of Kenya.

The debate is between those who have embraced cryptocurrency and its ability to protect its owners in tumultuous economic times and those who believe that only precious metals can properly fill this role.The inflation rate of the Venezuelan bolivar has increased to triple digits, leading to a financial turmoil which Venezuelans have struggled to cope with over the past two years.

In turn, the value of above ground precious metals is only about two percent of the size of the total world debt market.

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Capital controls took effect in Greece earlier this month, restricting bank.What you should know about Bitcoin as an investment and store of value for retirement before the next major financial crisis.

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Considering this, precious metals are a natural hedge for many of the concerns and risks pertaining to cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin is an audacious attempt to create money beyond the control of any state.

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The crypto-currency that so tantalized techies and excited investors is today in a sorry state: Its core supporters are at war with.

If the value of cryptocurrency is significantly impacted or somehow wiped out by an unforeseen event, that safe-haven demand will flow somewhere.

For the past several years, a hot debate has been taking place in the comment sections of alternative financial media sites.

Reasons to analyse the views of politicians and bankers carefully.

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