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I would urge the developers to read the following threads (especially from the linked posts forward) and please respond here or there to the major issues discussed.Dong Ming, Software Engineer, Ex-Microsoft, University of Waterloo Answered 7w ago Chunking is a tough concept to grasp, definitely hard without some concrete examples.The zerocoin mixer can be periodically reset, forcing all anonymous zerocoins to cash out periodically to basecoins which can be re-minted into the next instance of the zerocoin mixer.

Asking me to retype everything here is I think disrespecful of my time.Otherwise, for the Zcash for the masses (and again I think there will need to be some viewkey added else anonymity seems destined to be banned by the State but that is an orthogonal discussion), perhaps the ephemeral mixer might alleviate the concerns some have about the masterkey setup.Also, point-of-sale transactions will be at risk of leaking (due to timing attacks) the value of your coins, as you would have transferred them in another transaction to avoid indistinguishability issues.

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One early-stage effort that grew out of a discussion on a Reddit forum called ETHtrader (for Ethereum trader) created a set of ICO rating review criteria.

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But in that case, the issuers of the masterkey (even if multi-party) are no longer trusted.

Crypto Traders ROOM - Cryptocurrency Trading and Investment.Although it may seem like I am confrontational, this is evolved from a lot of egotistical crap endured over 3 years at Bitcointalk.It was perplexing and I have been apt to jump to a negative conclusion, given the level of discord and time wasting fighting over at Bitcointalk.Today, paranoia sets in: we head to The Ceremony, the top-secret, three-day launch of a new currency, wizards and math.

And you will eat your passive aggressive attack on my reputation when I release my Zero Knowledge Transactions white paper and show that I did indeed remove the need to prove the square in Compact Confidential Transactions and I did combine it with Cryptonote.However it seems it would only be effective in a free market of many such mixers, so that dishonest parties could be identified by the market via a plurality of experiments.Here you can discuss Ethereum news, memes, investing, trading, miscellaneous market-related subjects and other.

Btw anon,are you intetested in my Cryptocurrency for blacks only discord.I hope someone like you can raise the quality of the appreciation and teamwork in the crypto block chain scene.

However, I still see fundamental problems in the Zerocash direction and I am proposing at least one solution.First you all banned me, deleted many of my posts, block me from posting links, and deleted my thread, then restore the thread without informing me (but not my deleted post).Damore has stated that he wrote it. (more) When will Tesla Model 3 wait-list customers get any updates.I am also concerned about your 11% royalty plan, as it seems to violate FinCEN regulations which would thus require all miners to register as MSBs.The concept: Gimli is a decentralized platform for eSport streamers and viewers.

Nobody complained to anyone, to my knowledge, and none of your posts were deliberately hidden by anyone.Posting too many links after initially signing up triggers Discourse anti-spam features.Chinese Authorities May Freeze Bank Accounts Tied to Initial Coin Offerings.There is a rumour that Coinbase is planning to add Golem (and Augur).Cryptocentral is place for getting all information about digitalcurrencies and mining at one place to easily get access to crypto information.

Discord - Free stock market game with community trading discussion, player rank, profiles, earnings game.

I agree there are impacts, including the risk that if the masterkey was compromised then users can fear to lose their coins (versus the undetectable debasement in the non-ephemeral case).In this way, it can be proven that no zerocoins were created out-of-thin-air.I see this as having some negative consequences for the anonymity set.

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Apparently my statements at the AMA on the issue of the viewkey were not entirely clear.

I have invented some zero knowledge cryptography (combining Cryptonote one-time ring signatures with the Compact Confidential Transactions for homomorphic value hiding).If you like this, come hang out in Discord and subscribe my daily crypto newsletter CoinSheet.If you cannot provide a succinct synopsis for your argument, how valid is it.Get advice on what cryptocurrencies to mine, technical details about.

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